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Apex Legends – System Override Collection Event!

Apex Legends System Override Collection Event is right around the corner!

Meanwhile “Season 4: Assimilation” launched not too long ago, we finally got our first event of the season! It’s pretty obvious that everyone is now “Revenant-nized”, they are all cyborgs now which is awesome!

In short, there are 24 new event exclusive cosmetics, a new Octane Heirloom, Deja Loot limited-time event, and more!

New Equipment: Evo Shield

In addition, they are releasing a new equipment called “Evo Shield“. Evo Shield is a shield that progresses from weak to strong depending on the amount of damage you put out.

It also comes with a new Body Armor rarity color that is stronger than Epic (Purple) or Legendary (Gold) Body Armor, which is Red. Now they said 2 different things from the video to the official.

In the video, they said it would be stronger than Gold Body Armor. But in the article, they say it may become stronger than Purple.


Limited-Time Event: Deja Loot

To sum it up, it’s just a gamemode for the new item Evo Shield“. But during the first week you will be on World’s Edge, the second week belongs to King’s Canyon.

The System Override Event Battle Pass

In short, you will be receiving a Mini Event-Exclusive Battle Pass. You will complete challenges and collect loot after a certain number has been reached.

System Override Collection Event Packs

So basically, you will be getting 3 items in each Event pack. Look below for percentages:

The System Override Collection Event will be avaliable March 3rd to March 17th! Before you leave, make sure to check out GOG’s new Refund Policy!

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