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Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event Starts Next Tuesday!

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event starts next Tuesday, or March 9th, to be specific! Mad Maggie and Caustic seem to be working together to cause mayhem this time. Caustic is pretty much the main villain of Apex Legends, compared to the other current Legends, of course.

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Anyway, the Chaos Theory Collection Event will feature a new game mode, “Ring Fury,” that will introduce the Heat Shield. The Heat Shield blocks out Ring Damage, allowing you to revive teammates or get loot with a bit more time than usual! They are also adding 24 new event items along with Bangalore’s Heirloom!

Chaos Theory’s cosmetics seem to be inspired by the older times! You got the Medieval costumes, Old Cowboy costumes, and Dynasty costumes as well! You can play this event on March 9th or Next Tuesday if you read this article on time.

Written by Johnny Django

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