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Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Announced!

Apex Legends has announced the Anniversary Collection event, which marks the game’s lifetime’s 2nd official year! Many battle royales have failed to compete with Fortnite and Warzone, which ultimately led multiple Battle Royale games to shutdown. Luckily, Apex Legends is still running thanks to their constant updates and massive community support!

As a token of gratitude, Respawn is giving away 10 Free Apex Packs along with 2 Event Packs to everyone! They announced this through their funny Mirage and Crypto narration domination battle video:

If you haven’t been in the mix with Apex recently, I will fill you in with the most recent news. Season 8 just started, so there you have plenty of time to hop in and have some fun! Along with Season 8 arrives the new Australian Badass Legend “Fuse,” who destroyed King’s Canyon. For more context on that one, check out this video right here:

Anyway, Season 8 came with many changes, which you can view right here. Their production is getting even better, which makes me wonder if they will make a show or movie anytime soon? Let me get back on track.

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event starts on February 9th, but the end date has yet to be determined. If you are a Switch user, you can expect the game to release on March 9th this year! Get ready to collect some cool skins next week!

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