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Apex Legends 16th Character “Fuse” Has Been Revealed!

Apex Legends 16th character, “Fuse,” has been revealed! This Australian badass kicks it into full gear with his latest reveal trailer. A deep story about hardcore friendship turns sour after Fuse announces he will be heading to the Apex Games. Watch this trailer for context, will ya’?

The moral of the story, some friends will support your goals, and some won’t. From what it looks like, Fuse deals with explosions. Throughout the entire trailer, we saw him carry a Golden Grenade, which is most likely his ultimate ability.

Along with this reveal came some other important details. Fuse’s gun being the “30-30 Repeater,” 8th battle pass “Mayhem,” and King’s Canyon map changes. You can find this news from Apex Legends News on Twitter here. Let us know what you think about the Aussie Badass coming to Apex!

Written by Pierce

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