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Apex Legends Season 6 and 14th Legend “Rampart”

Apex Legends is getting ready to launch Season 6 soon, and they revealed their 14th legend, Rampart!

This “expert modder” seems to love big weapons, and explosions too. Rampart has a mounted minigun which I’m guessing is her ultimate ability. We don’t know more than that because they haven’t revealed her abilities yet.

Along with this legend comes Crafting, a new weapon, and a new battle pass. The new weapon is a shock SMG called “Volt” that packs a punch. They are also introducing their new Crafting system, which allows you to craft desired gear with the right amount of materials.

Now, I’m not sure how you will collect this material. Apex Legends seems to be turning into Fortnite, but then again, Fortnite doesn’t own Crafting as a trademark.

Anyways, Apex Legends Season 6 will launch on August 18th along with all these new changes!

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