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100 Thieves Stole The Win Away From CLG On Day 2 of 2021 Spring Split LCS!

100 Thieves “yeeted” the win away from CLG on Day 2 of 2021 Spring Split LCS! Arguably two of LCS’s most questionable teams at the moment, have clashed and 100 Thieves came out on top!

CLG pushed a nasty lead on 100T during the early stages of the game only to go shutdown later due to poor team fight decisions! Personally, I feel like Griffen threw 2 team fights during the entire game, but everyone makes mistakes.

At the end of the day, Damonte showed promising skill with his nice Syndra Mechanics! Unfortunate upset for CLG and a surprising steal by 100 Thieves to say the least!

Johnny Django
Co-founder of Digagami. Johnny Django is a gaming enthusiast with raw-unfiltered opinions who has a major love for the Video Game Community.

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